Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Vanke A., Polukhina E. (2015) Social Practices of Using War Memorials in Russia: A Comparison between Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd and Poklonnaya Gora in MoscowThe Russian Sociological Review, 14(4), pp. 115–128.

Vanke A. (2014) The Corporeality of Working-Class Men in Labour Regimes and the Private SphereLaboratorium: Russian Review of Social Research, 6(1), pp. 154–158. Extended summary of the article published in Russian. The original version: Ваньке А. (2014) Телесность мужчин рабочих профессий в режимах труда и приватной сферы, Laboratorium. Журнал социальных исследований, 6(1), с. 60–83.

Translated articles

Vanke A. (2015) Political Emotion: Russia’s 2011–2013 Mass Rallies. Russia’s Politics & Law, 53(5–6), pp. 27–43. English translation of the article published in Russian. The original version: Ваньке А. (2014) Политические эмоции: российские митинги 2011 – 2013 годов. Неприкосновенный запас. Дебаты о политике и культуре, 97(5), с. 117–132.

Book chapters and encyclopedia entries

Vanke A. (2018) Masculinities, Bodies and Subjectivities: Working-Class Men Negotiating Russia’s Post-Soviet Gender OrderMasculinity, Labour and Neoliberalism: Working-Class Men in International Perspective / Ed. by Ch. Walker, S. Roberts. London: Palgrave MacMillan, pp. 195–218.

Vanke A. (2016) Fear of War. The SAGE Encyclopedia of War: Social Science Perspectives / Ed. by Paul I. Joseph. Thousand Oaks, London: Sage Publications Inc, pp. 617–620.

Vanke A. (2016) Body, Memory and Emotions of Male Members of the Army with Direct Experience of War. Collective Memories in War / Ed. by E. Rozhdestvenskaya, V. Semenova, I. Tartakovskaya, K. Kosela. London: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Ltd, pp. 176–187.

Working papers

Polukhina E., Strelnikova A., Vanke A. (2017) The Transformation of Working-Class Identity in Post-Soviet Russia: A Case-Study of an Ural Industrial Neighborhood. NRU Higher School of Economics. Series SOC Sociology. No. WP BRP 77/SOC/2017.

Book and conference reviews

Vanke A. (2017) Sociological Debate on Inequalities in Russia and BeyondRussian Sociological Review, 16(1), pp. 270–277.

In the media

Vanke A. How can I tell what social class I belong in? The Question. November 2016.

Vanke A. How do social factors determine which music, fashions, trends, films etc become pop culture phenomena and which don’t? The Question. December 2016

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