On this webpage you can find information about my scientific interests and research experience.

I  conduct professional and innovative research on social class, gender, inequality, everyday life, grassroots initiatives, deindustrialisation and urban space. I am an expert in qualitative, ethnographic and arts-based methods. I have been successfully doing individual projects since 2008 and participated in team projects since 2011.

Individual projects

2022/to date: Book project The urban life of workers in post-Soviet Russia: Engaging in everyday struggle. The contract signed with Manchester University Press.

2017/2021: Doctoral project (PhD) Working-Class Life and Struggle in Post-Soviet Russia under the supervision of Prof Hilary Pilkington and Dr Wendy Bottero at the Sociology Department at the University of Manchester.

2009/2013: Candidate’s project Semantics of the Masculine Body in the Space of Social Distinctions under the supervision of Prof Elena Rozhdestvenskaya at the Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

2009/2010: MA project Construction of Masculine Sexuality in Men’s Health Magazine under the supervision of  Prof Elena Zdravomyslova and Dr Anna Temkina at the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the European University at St. Petersburg.

2004/2009: Diploma project Methodology of Discourse Analysis in Social Reality Studies. On examples of Discourse and Structure in Russian Human Right Organisations under the supervision of Prof Yurii Averin at the Department of Sociology of the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Team projects

2017/2019: collective project ‘Past and Present of Working-Class Areas: Transformations of Sociocultural and Territorial Identities‘ supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Grant No. 17-33-01006. Researcher. Project leader Anna Strelnikova.

2017: collective project ‘The Everyday Life of Industrial Workers: Ethnographic Case-Study of Industrial Neighborhood in Yekaterinburg‘ conducted within the framework of the Academic Fund Program at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) and of the Russian Academic Excellence Project “5-100”. Grant No. 117-02-0003. Researcher. Project leader Elizaveta Polukhina.

2014/2018: collective project ‘Intergenerational Social Mobility from XX to XXI Century: Four Generations of Russian History‘ supported by the Russian Science Foundation. Grant No. 14-28-00217. Researcher. Project leaders Vladimir Yadov and Zinaida Golenkova.

2015: international project ‘Socio-Historical Aspects of National Identification in Russia, Ukraine and Poland‘ supported by Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Grant No. 108368. Project leaders Alexandrina Vanke and Giovanni Savino.

2014/2015: collective project ‘Working-Class Discourse in Russian Mass Media‘ supported by the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund. Grant No. 14-33-01260. Project leader Alexandrina Vanke.

2014/2015: collective project ‘Historical Memory as a Social Space of Conflicts and Solidarity’ funded by the Council of the President of the Russian Federation for the Leading Research Groups of Russia. Grant No. НШ-2753.2014.6. Researcher. Project leader Victoria Semenova.

2013: international project ‘Soviet War Memorials and Victory Day’ supported by the Franco-Russian Centre for Social and Humanitarian Sciences. Researcher. Project leaders Mischa Gabowitsch and Elena Nikiforova.

2012/2014: collective project ‘Phenomenon of “Homo Interneticus” – Transformation, Socialisation, Identification of Lifestyles’ supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Grant No. 6.5765. Researcher. Project leader Victoria Semenova.

2011/2013: grassroots project ‘The Independent Research Initiative (NII mitingov)‘, without external funding. As part of this initiative I was conducting participant observation and street interviews with participants of the movement for ‘Fair Elections’ in Moscow, transcribing interviews and analysing data, organising public discussions, moderating the website of the initiative, and writing papers. Research coordinator Alexander Bikbov.

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